Welcome nature fans, i hope you enjoy reading my blog about my sightings i see and were i see them.

Friday, 31 December 2010

Eider duck up at amble

On the 30th of December 2010 i went to durage bay with family to walk the dog but whilst they went on the beach i wondered around the park with my binoculars. Was good saw mute swans, Canadian geese, grey lag geese, moorhen, coot, black headed gulls and mallard. But then we went to amble and my favorite sighting was there, there was a male and 2 female eider ducks, it was brilliant to sit and watch them for about half an hour until we had to go.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Red-flanked blue tail sighting

On the 10th of october 2010 i had got a text message from cain ( a birding friend of mine) , he told me that morning there was a red-flanked blue tail spotted at the lighthouse. As then i had not bin into it that long so i wasnt at all sure what that bird was. so he picked me up and we went for a look. on the way there, we saw loads of gold crest it was unreal how many they were, i was gobsmacked of how great they looked and how we saw so many in one place. So after a good 10 mins looking at the gold crest we saw the red-flanked blue tail land on a fence post it was so cool, it went away for about a minute then it landed on the same post i got a really good look then it went and that ws the last i saw of it. But evan though it was my first sighting of it i loved every secound of it was such a beautiful bird .Was one of my faveorite wildlife watching outings ever.