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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Red house farm unexpected vister

On the 28th of december cain first spotted tree sparrows at a small patch called red house farm pond. And since then me and him have observed them at that patch. I popped down tonight to see if they were still around and yes they were wich is good news i counted 6 tree sparrows tonight. Along with 2 chaffinch, 4 blue tit, 2 great tit, 2 mallard, 1 moorhen, 1 blackbird, and a flock of around 35 woodpigeon flew over. On my walk to the patch i saw, 3 blue tits, 1 great tit, 4 black birds, 2 carrion crows. And also in the early morning in the trees in my street i saw 3 long tailed tits my faveorite garden bird so i love seeing them. So a goods night work i will get back to you on the tree sparrows.

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