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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Evening trip to patch (holywell)

Well i have had a fab night, firstly on the way there i head th yellow  hammer, and then saw at least 30 long tailed tits there was loads of them. And when i got to the pond i saw the garganey again which was class. But then after all my bad look of trying i saw the barn owl!!! It flew so close to me and so low if  i had my cara i would of had the most amzing shots. I watched it for a goo 5 minutes then it went down and i didnt see it again, untill i walked past the pond on me way home, i saw it in the south farmers feild to the pond, was abit further away though. So i am one happy birder right now.

Qwack qwack

Today i have seen a new duck for me, garganey, it as lush it was a male. I seen this at holywell pond and i loved it. Also today i have seen 2 grey heron, 8 pochard, 11 coot, 7 tufted duck, canada geese with 7 young, mute swans with 7 young, 1 gadwal, 2 shelduck, 2 shoveler, 4 little grebe, 3 whitethrote, 2 sedge warbler and a few linnet. So a good day at patch !

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Mammal mania

I havespent my school holidays in whinfel forest centre parcs with me family. And although i saw some nice birds like gs woodpecker, female lesser redpol, greenfinch and my faveorite bird the treecreeper and many more, but this week i have loved seeing all the mammals i have seen, theres bin loads. Rabbits, brown hares, roe deer, feild mouse, cumbrian red sqwirels and my faveoite sighting of all was of a wild bagder, it was so cool to see this mammal in the flesh since i have read seen and heard alot about the badger. So that was really great.
Cumbrian red sqwirel