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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Red-flanked blue tail sighting

On the 10th of october 2010 i had got a text message from cain ( a birding friend of mine) , he told me that morning there was a red-flanked blue tail spotted at the lighthouse. As then i had not bin into it that long so i wasnt at all sure what that bird was. so he picked me up and we went for a look. on the way there, we saw loads of gold crest it was unreal how many they were, i was gobsmacked of how great they looked and how we saw so many in one place. So after a good 10 mins looking at the gold crest we saw the red-flanked blue tail land on a fence post it was so cool, it went away for about a minute then it landed on the same post i got a really good look then it went and that ws the last i saw of it. But evan though it was my first sighting of it i loved every secound of it was such a beautiful bird .Was one of my faveorite wildlife watching outings ever.


  1. hi
    its good to see another young birders blog coming to life.
    keep it up

  2. A good day and a good bird to start your blog with. I was down there too that day. You have chosen a good birding friend in Cain.
    Cheers. Brian

  3. thanks for comments and will be deffo keeping it up ;)