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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Best day of wildlife in 2011

Well my day startedup at durage with steve lowe and tom lowe. There was 8 mute swans, 42 canadian geese, 19 tufted duck, 7 coot, 16 mallard, 3 red breasted merganser, 3 goldeneye, 2 gadwall, 75 lapwing flying over, 1 meesil, 1 stote, 1 kestrel, 400 greylag geese and 5 pied wagtail. Then we went to hauxley to see the barn owl there we were successfull but apart from the barn owl there was, bar tailed godwit, 20 wigeon, 81 redshank, 26 curlew, 2 grey heron, 7 long tailed tits, 1 rat, 1 hare, 2 phesent, 9 goldfinch, 4 coal tit, 5 blue tit, 2 dunnock, and the barn owl. Then since i have never seen a bittern we wernt to cresswell pond to try and see one. We were unsuccessfull, i didnt count all the species there cause it was getting dark but i shall tell you the species lapwing, knot, grey heron, golden plover, wigeon,  i had me eyes pealed for the merlin but again unsuccessfull. Then i went home for some tea then i went out at night with cain and honnor to try and loisten for tawny owls in the holywell dene. We didnt hear any like but was a canny walk. So today i have loved today nackered now like, and shall bird again tommorrow.


  1. Good day Stephen. You forgot the tree sparrows at Hauxley!! Cheers Steve

    PS: Have the scope and lens for you. Not 100% but better than nothing? Got a tripod too but it needs a quick release to fit the scope. They are yours if you want them. Just let Tom know or phone 2527438

  2. Nice one Stephen. I always know when I've had a good days birding as I'm knackered too.:-) Mind I am probably most of the time anyway.:-) Brian

  3. yer that would be class steve and yer haha always nackering after you bin around all day like haha