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Sunday, 30 January 2011

RSPB big garden bird watch and other things...

ON the 29th i did the garden watch at my grandmas home there i saw, 2 carrion crow, 2 black bird, 1 great tit, 3 woodpigeon, 1 starling, 7 house sparrows, 4 feral pigeons, 2 herring gull, 1 wrn, 8 of the unknown dove i dont no what theese birds are i will get pics up of them and i would like you to comment and tell me what they could be??? Then today i did it in my own garden i saw, 2 blue tit, 3 black bird, 3 dunnock, 2 woodpigeon, 2 collard dove, 3 house sparrows, 1 robin, 2 great tit, 1 wren. So it has bin a good weekend. Today i also went to redhouse farm pond i couldnt see the tree sparrows but i shall keep lookings, there was also 1 grey heron, 11 mallard, 2 moorhen. I also went up to hauxley today i saw 3 mute swans, 2 pink footed geese, 25 mallard, 24 wigeon, 1 canada goose, 2 tufted duck and again the lovely sight of the wonderfull barn owl, it was evan better sights than it was the last time. Was truely amazing.

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