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Friday, 7 January 2011

Wax wings

Since this is my first winter wildlife watching i had not had the chance to see this wonderful bird. I had my first sighting at red house farm pond but that was just them flying so not the best sighting. But as a was comeing back from my grandmas in the car near vally hill in the bushes i saw a flok of them. I told my dad to slow down so i had a good look so i was chuffed about that. I would like comments about your waxwings sightings this winter???


  1. My best Waxwing sighting this year was a flock of 300 plus at Brampton Road campus at Carlisle, I watched them over the week, the flock saw a visit from a male Sparrowhawk on a couple of occasions.

  2. Only Waxwings I have seen this year were outside of the police station at Ashington. I had my telescope trained on the police station so may have been running the risk of arrest! :-) Brian