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Saturday, 1 January 2011

Hollywell pond then Red house farm pond visit

Today me Cain and honnor scrimgeour took a trip to hollywell pond. Since the pond was frozen there wasent much on the pond itself but on the feeders there was many. So at hollywell we saw blue tit, robin, goldfinch, phesent, moorhen, greenfinch, great tit, chafinch, brambling, dunnock, mistle thrush, coal tit, wren and a buzzard flying in the distance on the other side of the pond. So was a successfull trip, on the way back we decided to go to re house farm pond, on the way there we saw long tailed tits. Also on the way there we saw siskin. But when we got there we saw tree sparrows, waxwings and mallards. So this was good because it was my first waxwings and tree sparrows. As it is my first winter wildlife watching. So a very good day bird watching today and a few new species wich is always good.

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