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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Cresswell pond

Today a went to cresswell pond with cain. We went to try and have a sightof the bittern, but we wernt so lucky but there was plenty more to see. There was 1 stoat, 10 greylag geese, 10 lapwings, 26 mallard, 32 black-headed gulls, 1 curlew flying over, 2 red brested merganser, 15 teal, 2 shovelers, and alltogether near the 400 mark for wigeon. On our travels there was a sparrow hauk, a song thrush and 5 grey partridge. There was also a merlin on a post near the pond but i didnt get my binoculars there it time to have a sight of it.


  1. Bittern today at Gosforth Park (along with Kingfisher)

    Nice blog - keep it up and if you want to come out with me and Tom sometime let him know!!