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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Gosforth park

This morning i went to gosforth park nature reserve with steve and tom lowe it was a great morning. I saw my very first bittern finally, it was only for 5 secounds flying but i still saw it. There was also 6 bullfinch, 2 cormerant, 4 grey heron, 5 mute swans, 1 sparrow hauk, 1 moorhen, 3 reed bunting, 2 canada geese, 4 mallard, 7 wigeon, 8 teal, 2 jay, 1 fox, 1 king fisher, 1 tufted duck, 1 gs woodpecker, 3 nuthach, 1 tree creeper, 1 mistle thrush, 3 long tailed tits, 2 magpie, 1 jackdaw, we also saw some fresh badger poo. so it was a sucessful morning.

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